Canberra vs South Queensland Crushers Rd 1 1995 (Finals Week)


Two teams, both new to the finals, one team with a big win in the qualifying finals while the other suffered defeat. Round 1 of the 1995 championship saw Canberra hosting South Queensland Crushers at Bruce Stadium.


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South Queensland CrushersCanberra Raiders

Match Stats

Halftime Score64

Match Scoresheet

Tries Trevor Gillmeister Jason Croker (2)
    Laurie Daley
    Brett Mullins
    Matthew Wood
Goals St John Ellis (1/1) David Boyle (2/2)
    David Furner (0/2)
    Matthew Wood (0/1)


Fullback1.Anthony Herbert1.Roger Kenworthy
Wing2.St John Ellis2.Matthew Wood
Centre3.Travis Norton3.David Boyle
Centre4.Nathan Turner4.Bradley Clyde
Wing5.Wayne Simonds5.Noa Nadruku
Five-Eighth6.Craig Weston6.Laurie Daley
Halfback7.Craig Teevan7.Ricky Stuart (c)
Front Row8.Mark Hohn8.Quentin Pongia
Hooker9.Ray Herring9.Steve Walters
Front Row10.Mario Fenech (c)10.David Westley
Second Row11.Trevor Gillmeister11.Brett Hetherington
Second Row12.Brett Horsnell12.Luke Davico
Lock13.Scott Sattler13.David Furner
Bench14.Anthony Bella14.Brett Mullins
Bench15.Jeff Wittenberg15.Jason Croker
Bench16.Mike Ford16.Jason Death
Bench  17.Jason Burnham
Coach Bob Lindner Tim Sheens