Forgotten Contender? The South Queensland Crushers


Forgotten Contender? The South Queensland Crushers

The Rise and Fall of the Crushers

The South Queensland Crushers were a professional Australian rugby league football club that competed in the Winfield Cup (later National Rugby League) competition. They competed in only one season, which was 1997. Their home ground was Stockland Stadium. They were founded by businessman Paul Cronin. However despite their star player roster, the actual performances of the club on the field were poor, leading to financial strain and eventual closure of the club at the end of 1997 due to massive debts.

Who Coached The South Queensland Crushers?

Who coached the South QLD Crushers? Some interesting facts about the Crushers: Their inaugural coach, the unknown Bill Gardner, lost his job even before the first tackle was made in the 1995 season and was replaced by Bob Lindner. They won back-to-back wooden spoons in 1996 and 1997 and were under-21 premiers in 1996.

South Queensland Crushers First Ever Game

The South Queensland Crushers joined the ARL, along with the Western Reds and North Queensland Cowboys, in 1995, when the Australian Rules competition was bloated to 20 teams — just as the Super League war was exploding.

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When Did The Broncos Start Playing The South Queensland Crushers?

South QLD Crushers played the Brisbane Broncos for the first time in 1995, after the controversial signing of Manly’s top-line players. The preceding Super League war was over and rugby league was finally at peace.

When Did South Queensland Crushers And Gold Coast Chargers Merge?

In late 1997, the club’s only option of survival was to merge with the most likely contender the Gold Coast Chargers. The then Canberra Raiders had been approached, but they were not in favor or merging with the other clubs at this time. In March 1998 with the merger with the Chargers complete and the relocation of the team to Gold Coast, the name change was announced by club officials. The name chosen for the new merged entity was the “Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks” a name that reflected both sets of origins.