Lance Franklin Kicks Goal 1000! Crowd Swarms Him To Celebrate

Lance Franklin Kicks His 1000th Goal, Crowd Swarms Onto Ground To Celebrate

Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, one of Australian rules football’s best known players, has cemented his place among the immortals of the game, becoming just the sixth player in VFL/AFL history to kick 1000 goals.

With key forwards no longer reigning in the huge goal tallies of yesteryear, Lance Franklin—at 35 years old—may be the last player to achieve the feat for decades.

Franklin became the first player since Gary Ablett Sr in 1996 to reach quadruple figures, and his fans certainly knew it. As Franklin kicked his 1000th goal during a match against Geelong, fans at the SCG swarmed onto the field, forcing play to be suspended while they celebrated their hero’s achievement.

Fans storm the field to celebrate with him.